All I want is the air that you breathe

Such an upsetting video, this - currently attracting a lot of unthinking comments on Facebook here where it has attracted over 700,000 views and over 10,000 likes.

For those that don't know, this Pug would love to lie down but can't because her airways are so compromised - first because of those very narrow nostrils; second because she's been bred with a flat face, squashing not just her external features but the internal ones, too. She is propping herself up to stop her airways blocking completely. As you can hear, she's still struggling. 

In effect, what you're seeing here is awake-apnoea. Without surgery, these dogs spend their whole life fighting for air and it gets worse as Pugs age as the effort to suck in air begins to thicken/coarsen internal tissue.

The medical term is orthopnea - laboured breathing (dyspnea) that is relieved by being in an upright position.

Many Pugs, Frenchies and Bulldogs sleep sitting up or with their heads propped up on cushions/sofa arms in an attempt to keep their airways open.

As for that tongue... it is sticking out because it doesn't fit in her abnormally-squashed mouth.

Have we done enough here, at least, to educate you that this is not cute? (If, that is, you didn't know already and of course many of you did.)

Have we?